Fixity Version 0.5, the free and open source fixity tool developed by AVPreserve, has been officially released for download | The Information Professional |

Chris Lacinak

About Fixity:

Fixity creates a manifest of files stored in directories identified by the user, documenting file names, locations, and checksums. The user can then schedule regular automated scans of the directories to monitor for any changes to files. Fixity is ideal for monitoring of files in long term storage, complimenting tools such as Bagger and the BagIt specification that can be used to check fixity at points of transition.


Major recent updates include:

•           Created OSX version (64-bit systems only)

•           Added support for MD5 in addition to the SHA256 checksum algorithm

•           Added ability to change checksum algorithm for a project

•           Added ability to import projects between versions of Fixity

•           Added ability to update the location of a scanned directory

•           Implemented SQLite database for storing projects

•           Improved reporting

•           Updated logic for reporting on copied and moved files

•           Improved handling of special characters in file paths

•           Added history directory to store snapshots of the manifest over time

•           Create tasks as Administrator on Windows, allowing projects to run when logged off.

•           Code, stability and interface improvements