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On Tuesday October 18th at 9am Pacific time I’ll be facilitating a Twitter chat with the hashtag #KMers. Anyone can join in by searching for the hashtag or via TweetChat I’ll be Tweeting as @thotstr. Below is some background info on diversity.

The question will be:

How do we incorporate diversity into Knowledge Management practices? Functionally, what tools can we use and philosophically, what do we need to believe and think in order to include diverse knowledge?

THOUGHTstream’s online process (and this question) was inspired by theories presented in James Surowiecki’s book The Wisdom of Crowds(2004). In it he talks about crowdsourcing and collective intelligence, terms that are becoming more common. Crowdsourcing is what you do to get the wisdom of crowds or collective intelligence of a group. So crowdsourcing is the action and collective intelligence is the outcome or product.Surowiecki uses real life examples to present a case for using collective intelligence (CI), under certain conditions. It is these critical conditions that need to be addressed in Knowledge Management processes.

How do we optimize the affordances of CI while limiting the factors that inhibit positive CI outcomes?