License to thrill: digital copyright | Lexology (Use of Images Online) - podcast | The Information Professional |

Morton Fraser
Austin Flynn, Sam Price and Gordon White:

"Have you ever used an image from a Google search for a presentation or uploaded the image to your Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Flickr account?

Have you ever thought about the implications of copyright?

Morton Fraser’s IP experts, Austin Flynn and Same Price, are joined by Gordon White from FatBuzz to discuss the use of images throughout social media networks; what exactly are the implications of ‘good, old fashioned’ copyright in the digital age?

Now that images are very much part of social media, with 240million uploaded to Facebook everyday (that’s 3,000 per second), and are ‘part of the public domain’ who exactly owns what and can you ‘innocently’ use another’s image?

They ask; what is the law surrounding the use of images online? How can you protect yourself and your images? Which license should you use - creative or commercial commons? What are the implications for bloggers? Are T&Cs of these licenses clear enough?"




Via Errol A. Adams JD/MLS