The Spirit of the Archivist and Its Relevance for Content Curators, by Sally Whiting | The Information Professional |

Sally Whiting on "archival practice and online content": 


"A new kind of archivist

Archives are still romanticized in the way that libraries are: stunning monuments to intelligence and learning, doomed by budget cuts and the fact that it’s frankly a lot easier to just Google for answers these days. Sometimes it seems like fledgling librarians and archivists should just cut their losses, but what they actually need to do is broaden their job descriptions. Applying archival principles to content strategy makes for solid content—I can demonstrate this, and I exercise it in my work. Applying content strategy to archives, however, just might keep those archives alive."




From Robin Good's insight:

"As content curators will increasingly need to learn more about archiving, organizing and preserving what they curate, this article provides an inspiring set of considerations about the key value of context and provenance...."


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