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Library Analytics – Community Survey Results (Nov 2012) from joypalmer 

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 We wanted to get a better handle on how important analytics will be to academic libraries now and in the future, and what demand might be for a service in this area, for example, a shared service that centrally ingests and processes raw usage data and data visualisations back to local institutions (and this, of course, is what LAMP is exploring further in more practical detail).  We had response from 66 UK HE institutions, and asked a good number of questions. For example, we asked whether the following functions might be potentially useful:Automated provision of analytics demonstrating the relationship between student attainment and resource/library usage within institutionsAutomated provision of analytics demonstrating e-resource and collections (e.g. monographs) usage according to demographics (e.g. discipline, year, age, nationality, grade)Resource recommendation functions for discovery services