VALA2012 Conf in Melbourne - #VALA2012 | The Information Professional |

6-9 Feb 2012:


The conference is a [...] "platform for innovation that promotes the use and understanding of information and communication technologies across a broad sector of Libraries, with increasing participation from the Galleries, Archives and Museums sectors."


VALA2012 Conference Theme:

"The VALA2012 theme, eM-powering eFutures, promotes the understanding and use of communication technology in libraries and the related museums, archives and galleries services.

VALA2012 looks to the future as our presenters embrace technological change in their workplaces and institutions, seeking ways to mobilise service delivery and granting service providers the skills and power to stay ahead of a connected and socialised client base."


VALA - Libraries, Technology and the Future Inc. aims:


- To promote the use of information technology in data manipulation and management within and for libraries, library networks and information systems.
- To promote the education of practitioners and other people interested in the use of information technology for manipulation of bibliographic and information systems data.
- To promote and foster a general understanding of automated library and information systems, particularly amongst practitioners in the library and information dissemination industries.
- To promote and exchange information about the planning, analysis, implementation, operation, maintenance and use of telecommunications in library and information systems.
- To develop an educated public opinion on the value, role and importance of information, telecommunications and related technologies in libraries and information systems."