Dual Archivist/Librarians: Balancing the Benefits and Challenges of Diverse Responsibilities | The Information Professional | Scoop.it

"While much has been written about the evolving nature of archivists’ roles, virtually nothing has been published in the archives or library literature about information professionals with both library and archives duties.


This survey-based article examines the contemporary roles and responsibilities of college and university archivists, and outlines both benefits and challenges identified to having non-archival responsibilities, specifically library responsibilities.


How then to balance the benefits and challenges evidenced in this study? With academic archivists pulled in so many directions, one has to wonder to what extent their archival work is being jeopardized, and what part of our cultural record will be lost as a result."


To download the article in full: http://crl.acrl.org/content/early/2011/06/10/crl-222.full.pdf+html

Via Fe Angela M. Verzosa