Rubbish, Tech, Makerspace, Hackerspace: Maker culture has arrived in Danish libraries | The Information Professional |
Louise OvergaardTeam leader, Aarhus Main Library

"Euro pallets packed to the rim with used go-cart tires, defunct computer components, washing machine drums and ancient electric domestic devices – not to mention chipped tableware and vases – this is what awaits visitors entering the Main Library of Aarhus.

Some of the visitors don’t seem to register this atypical library deposit, a few are offended, but most are curious and want to explore the space. Some visitors take up painting old porcelain, converting empty beer cans into candlesticks, or sewing pencil cases from tattered banners. Others, more daringly, set to work dissecting devices with hammers and electric drills, reassembling the refuse into their own inventions and designs.

This is Skrotlab!, or Wastelab! to use its English name. October 2013 was all about waste materials, sustainability, and recycling. Users, along with library staff, got busy repairing, recreating, modifying, and developing the rubbish. There were also lectures, waste dates, repair cafès, basketweaving workshops, ethnographic workshops, and a variety of other maker-cultural activities."

Via Doug Mirams