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Media Libraries Are Social Innovation Spaces - Luanda — The member of the Executive Commission of the Angola Media Libraries Network (ReMa), Victor da Silva, said Friday in Luanda that the media libraries are a space for promotion of new proposals and solutions for the society.

The official was presenting the topic "Impact of Media Libraries in the Angolan Socio-cultural Development", under the ongoing 2nd Forum AngoTic, that marks the 146th anniversary of the International Association of Telecommunications.

He said the media libraries are also a space for a permanent learning, support for research, production and endogenous contents.

He also described the spaces as venues for meeting among people, show of information technologies and artistic and cultural creation, rather than simple services of access to physical and/or technological infrastructures or to analog or digital information.

According to the official, the media libraries are a relevant element of support for the Angolan education system as an instrument to improve the quality and strengthening of the educative system.