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Marc Bodnick:

"Will public libraries become extinct? This question was originally answered on Quora by Erica Friedman and Marc Bodnick."



 "the obvious:

Libraries provide many services, yes, but the most important service is lending books. Tablets & eReaders are a much better way to get a book than borrowing it or buying it at a bookstore. You can get the book right away, the split second you want it! More, and more, and more people are going to buy tablet devices & eReaders over the next ten years. Power readers are disproportionately more likely to buy tablets & eReaders. Anyone who really loves reading, buying, and borrowing books is likely going to buy an eReader. Once you really start enjoy reading on a Kindle or iPad, your interest in visiting a bookstore or library goes down precipitously. Buying a book cheaply on your Kindle or iPad is so much better than (1) go to a library, (2) cross-fingers hope they have the book in stock, (3) borrow the book, (4) read it, (5) remember to return it, and (6) drive back to the library to return it. That’s a lot of work."