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If you want learn more about social media curation and/or start your own scoop.it you should read this excellent and detailed blog post from Shirley Williams. [note mg]


Are you asking the following questions: “What is social media curation?” and “How does it add value?” Are you like many business owners trying to get your head around curation and the associated benefits? Well I have come to realize, you are not alone!


In an earlier post I defined curation. In this post I would like us to revisit that definition and share how value can be gained by demonstrating how to use Scoop.it.


Reminder of What’s Social Media Curation?


With the exponential growth of social networks and blogs, the amount of information on the internet can be overwhelming and time consuming. Consequently, the role of the social media curator has become increasingly more attractive. Social media curation is when you filter, select, review and reposition quality content on the web for a specific audience and/or topic...


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