The Role of a Learning Management System in a World Awash in Learning Content, by Richard Nantel | The Information Professional |

"The bottom line is that, faced with so much content, learners can benefit from digital content curation. This means that the role of learning professionals such as instructional designers and instructors expands beyond creating and delivering courses to finding useful content and vetting potential authorities and subject matter experts.

A learning management system, then, provides a centralized on-ramp to relevant learning content located within the LMS but also found elsewhere on the Web.

Learners can be encouraged to:

- Watch relevant YouTube videos embedded into courses or added to the system as resources
- Follow and participate in discussions with experts on Twitter and in forums
- Read and comment on blog posts written by authorities on specific topics
- Contribute ideas with colleagues using wikis
- Attend live virtual events such as Webinars
- And much much more"



>> The role of the Information Specialist are also vital in creating a LMS!

Via Ana Cristina Pratas