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Future Work Skills 202o, via Michelle at Libraries Interact:



"The skills that IFTF sees as being required in such a work landscape are each related to at least one of the key drivers of change (as represented using colour in the summary map above).

The skills are:

Sense-making – being able to discover deeper meaning in what is being expressed
Social intelligence – being able to connect to other people more deeply and directly
Novel & adaptive thinking – being able to come up with solutions that are outside the box
Cross-cultural competency – being able to work in different cultural settings
Computational thinking – being able to make meaning out of vast amounts of data
New-media literacy – being fluent in new media forms
Transdisciplinary – being able to work in multiple disciplines
Design mindset – being able to plan our workplaces and workflows to achieve desired outcomes
Cognitive load management – being able to filter information and focus only on what is required
Virtual collaboration – being able to work effectively as part of a virtual team."