Saying Goodbye: 5 Alternatives To The Optical Disc, By Tina Sieber | The Information Professional |
With computers growing smaller and lifestyles going mobile, less and less devices offer sufficient space for internal optical drives.


Option 1: USB Stick

Option 2: SD(HC) Card

Option 3: External Hard Drive (HDD)

Option 4: External Solid State Drive (SSD)

Option 5: Cloud Storage


"Many alternatives for optical drives exist, but few can compete with the price and theoretical lifetime of Blu-ray discs. On the other hand, many make for better long term investments. In the long run, you should always have your data stored in at least two future-proof locations. But for the moment, Blu-ray discs and DVDs are a viable storage method. Just make sure you move your data before your last way to access them disappears.
Do you still use optical discs to store or transfer data?"

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