Alexandria 2.0: One Millionaire's Quest to Build the Biggest Library on Earth | Internet Archive | | The Information Professional |

By Matt SDimon:

"Brewster Kahle never had to work again after selling his company to Amazon for a quarter-billion dollars in the dot-com boom. But he then began working on building the world's biggest digital library, earning him a spot in the Internet Hall of Fame.


Brewster Kahle is taking the steady-as-she-goes approach to building a library on the internet, gingerly skirting around copyright minefields, and scavenging the easy (copyright free) leftovers."


"So the Archive takes whatever it can get. No information is too obscure — Kahle just got back from Bali, where he helped digitize everything ever written in Balinese. And nothing is wasted — every physical book that is digitized is sent across the San Francisco Bay to Richmond, where it’s added to one of many climate-controlled shipping containers.

So far Kahle has archived 500,000 books, with another 500,000 in process. Though he admits he’ll never get there, Kahle wants to collect one of every book ever written.

“I think it’s a supply problem,” he says. “It’s not a demand problem. People want it…. People aren’t really stupid out there. They may be very particular, very peculiar, and they may not be interested in the things you are, or maybe even vote the same way you do, but they’re interested in what they’re interested in.”

So grows the second library of Alexandria, a collection with something for everyone. Except for the invading hordes. Not that they’d have any idea where to begin lighting fires."

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