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The presentation as copied from VALA2012:


"VALA2012 Plenary 6 Neiburger

Access, schmaccess: libraries in the Age of Information Ubiquity

VALA2012 PLENARY 6: Eli Neiburger
Thursday 9 February 2012, 15:55 - 17:05
Eli Neiburger

Ann Arbor District Library, USA
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Access, schmaccess: libraries in the Age of Information Ubiquity

The 21st century isn't just here, it's already 12% over. The presence of ubiquitous access to a global information network, and the cultures that flourish on that network, change everything about Libraries... or do they? Eli will highlight some of the contrasts between the Web Culture of this Century, and the Broadcast Culture of the last century, exploring how the value, mission, and focus of libraries are impacted by this cultural change, which has still barely begun. Maybe the library of the future is not really so different from the library of the past... from a certain point of view."


- http://www.vala.org.au/vala2012-proceedings/vala2012-plenary-6-neiburger