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This is the "Land of the Free." America was a place where a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Let us stop right there! That is, unless you have been targeted by the Federal Trade Commission and their henchmen, Robb Evans & Associates.

Jeremy Johnson, a Defendant of the Federal Trade Commission, hereafter referred to as the (FTC) now files a motion for appointment of an auditor over a court appointed receiver, Robb Evans & Associates, whose fiduciary responsibilities have far too many subversive undertones & ethical improprieties.

Robb Evans & Associates have, in the past, not been shy to recognize the role they play when the FTC has a case they would like settled out of court and placed on the fast track to a successful ruling in favor of our government. Please select the highlighted links to access important information about this case with the FTC.

The apparent loose legislation and poor lack of oversight on how the FTC maintains their standard of doing business, as mentioned, allows them to call in their weapon of choice. In this case, a receivership firm working under full immunity of the FTC.

This motion for the court to appoint an independent auditor has one purpose at heart. It is what appears to be an unending lack of due diligence on the part of Robb Evans & Associates and the work they do for the FTC.

The FTC may hold off touting their relationship with Robb Evans & Associates after the ethical standards practiced by the receivership firm have recently been questioned by some in the legal community and outraged citizens who have recently been exposed to the impudent style with which they carry themselves as a supposed unbiased third party.

The receiver, mentioned above, was ordered by a federal court judge to preserve and protect the assets of the defendant. Consequently, what has ensued since that order was given are some of the most heinous posturing by the FTC’s loyal court appointed receiver Robb Evans & Associates.

Due to Robb Evans & Associates potent display of ruthlessness towards the defendant, Mr. Johnson has been forced to use the only tools at his disposal i.e. limited media outlets such as this one. Having the ability to speak to the true facts of this case through legal documents and, that beautiful thing we all cherish, "Freedom of Speech" stated within our legally binding Constitution.

It does not appear to be an unprecedented bestowal of powers when the FTC takes a liking to a particular fiduciary, i.e. Robb Evans & Associates when they have the same goal in mind. This, in turn, offers Robb Evans and Associates something those in the political community, the media, and myself refer to as, “A very cozy relationship”.

Unfortunately, it has been too simple to pick out the numerous red flags when it comes to biases shared between these two untouchable powers. Their intent, based on the numerous exhibits, (court documents available here) is to use ruthless tactics in the culture of small businessmen. Regardless of the Legal stututes Mr. Johnson has respected, our FTC appear to have no limitations set in order to get that ruling in their favor.

It is the hope that as these red flags are given an honest appeal by a higher court through an unbiased third party auditor; then Mr. Johnson will prevail in establishing that ruthless tactics have been an unfortunate method with which this case has been handled.

An auditor will finally see through the unblemished lens of the public eye and other individuals damaged by this case that the FTC can quickly commission their “Go to Guy” for intimidation and in turn force a quick settlement. (For other businesses the FTC has pursued with the intent on getting a quick settlement via Robb Evans and Associates, select the highlighted link.)

The mind boggling motives between this firm, and the ruthless tactics used between the revered FTC as mentioned in other arenas and on the Internet at www.evilftc.com should not be misconstrued as a brokered deal between the FTC and the court appointed receiver for the case. Instead, it should be seen for what it is; a true commentary on what is proving to be a prevailing and nefarious modus operandi used by a select few in our judicial system.

Mr. Johnson’s case has stagnated to a point of stink. This operation reeks of handpicked garnishments placed strategically for the embellishment of yet another successful victory for our contemporary DC denizens. They have operated using these methods for years.

Double standards can be a fact of life when it comes to enforcing crimes that are completely up to the system of our acting or governing enforcing agencies and their personal or collective opinions as to the gravity of the crime and the basis for which they will, no questions asked, take away everything an individual ever has had. I do not speak to all of our Nations great enforcement agencies. I speak specifically to the FTC. The main point I want to make here is oversight! Where is the oversight?

Could you be their next victim? You may have them in your office next week if you do not have the ability to utilize the same legal loopholes the FTC and a certain receivership firm use to cling onto each and every bit of property you have personally worked for.

This article is not so much to point out that Robb Evans and Associates are bad people (but they may be) or that the FTC is a bad Agency (but may have misdirected motives). It is however, a cry for all Americans to take the time to see the sickening and selfish actions our trusted officials have taken against Mr. Johnson. There are way too many improprieties that speak to the far-reaching grasp the FTC has with respect to individual rights and the Constitution of our Country, including the Amendments which ensue that document, taylored specifically to keep us safe from situations just like this one.

Anyone who may think they know the facts about this particular case, instigated by one of our Nation's Governing Agency’s, may not know the whole truth. Provided within this article are various links enabling you to view this case with all the facts! 

Even families far removed from this situation have been put through hell via the FTC's attempts to intimidate; absent the skewed perspectives of the biased media outlets. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Johnson has been a victim of a much larger system that has the ability to destroy and press on with unlimited financial funds providing themselves with the upperhand when it comes to the United States Government vs Mr. Johnson. It is indeed a show to me that this agency has at its beck and call the resources and tools needed to take an individuals life away from him. 

Do not misconstrue the information available on the websites and its (links) throughout the article, that this is not in any way an attempt to get the public to disregard the policies, laws, regulations, statutes, etc., that would place anyone in a position that does not adhere to the full strength of the Laws with which the agency involved in this case handles. 

Thank you all for your interest in this article and for those who don't believe in convicting someone and holding their life, family, friends, and their businesses hostage without first establishing proof of guilt.

Kindest Regards,

Mr. Fisher Christopherson