The Impact of Storytelling
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The Impact of Storytelling
How stories can improve your business
Curated by Piet Hurkmans
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Scooped by Piet Hurkmans!

Public Speaking Is The Essential Tool For The Leadership : |

Public Speaking Is The Essential Tool For The Leadership : | | The Impact of Storytelling |
Piet Hurkmans's insight:

Mooi pleidooi om zo vroeg mogelijk te beginnen in je leven met spreken in  het openbaar. Tieners, bijvoorbeeld, zullen zo betere leiders worden. Als je een goede spreker bent, zul je aan zelfvertrouwen winnen, misschien wel de belangrijkste factor van leiderschap.

Nienke van Bezooijen's curator insight, May 30, 2014 6:09 AM

Why should you consider public speaking coaching as a leader of industry...

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Center for Digital Storytelling - Introducing StoryLab

Center for Digital Storytelling - Introducing StoryLab | The Impact of Storytelling |

StoryLab is a new hub for innovation with a big aim: to radically improve public conversation in the U.S. and around the world. Everybody talks about it, but CDS actually knows how to do it.

To change the world, you first have to change the story.


Here is an organization I think everyone should know about -- the Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS). They have been, and continue to provide world-class training in digital storytelling grounded in the power of a story dynamics to make a difference.


They are launching a new project -- StoryLab -- which aims to engage people in changing stories that keep us stuck, limited -- like our political discourse, violence, aids, etc. -- and expressing those stories that eliven and enoble us. Truly great work.


So why am I curating this and what has it got to do with business? Well -- imagine applying these same principles and ideas to the stories you share about your business, engaging your organization in this kind of deep story sharing that changes the world, and engaging with customers to create profound partnerships that make a difference.


Hmmmm -- I think there are lots of opportunities here and StoryLab is showing us the way.


The video on the StoryLab page also mentions supporting the project through donations. That is up to you. I have no affiliation with the Center other than our mutual love of story and its transformative power, and an amazing conversation I had a few years ago with founder Joe Lambert.


IMHO, thank heavens they are doing this project. There are so many others in the field of story that also work with story for transformative change. Let's keep hooking up. It is in this spirit that I bring you StoryLab.


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

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Karen du Toit's comment, September 11, 2012 3:38 AM
Great curation, Karen!
Dr. Karen Dietz's comment, September 24, 2012 3:11 PM
Thank you Karen! I'm glad you like the curation :) Have a great week.