Connect, Then Lead | The Heart of Leadership |

A few small nonverbal signals a nod, a smile, an open gesture can show people that you’re pleased to be in their company and attentive to their concerns. Prioritising warmth helps you connect immediately with those around you, demonstrating that you hear them, understand them, and can be trusted by them.

When Strength Comes First

Most of us work hard to demonstrate our competence. We want to see ourselves as strong and want others to see us the same way. We focus on warding off challenges to our strength and providing abundant evidence of competence. We feel compelled to demonstrate that we’re up to the job, by striving to present the most innovative ideas in meetings, being the first to tackle a challenge, and working the longest hours. We’re sure of our own intentions and thus don’t feel the need to prove that we’re trustworthy despite the fact that evidence of trustworthiness is the first thing we look for in others.

Via The Learning Factor