Metropolitan Agriculture: One Size Doesn't Fit All | The Future of Waste |


There is a vital connection between metropolitan agriculture and composting of organic waste. Done well, this connection could make both organics composting and local agriculture viable in a virtuous cycle.


One of the biggest obstacles in organics is the disconnect between food growing and consumption - when your food is grown a thousand kilometers away, it is simply not feasible to ship your compost back. And, where that food is grown, there is simply not enough compost to make it sensible to incorporate into soils.


The future of waste will see the organic waste - food growing connection made central.


This article is a good lead in to the notion of metropolitan agriculture, with the focus primarily being on the the provision of good, local food. To quote from the article: "metro-region agriculture can address issues related to social equity and health issues like diabetes and obesity, while building regional agricultural communities and economies". You can add to this the notion of local food enabling the organics loop to be closed.

Via Lauren Moss