Integrated Transmedia Marketing is not a dirty 'form' :) Transmedia Approach 101 ht @sioflynn | FutureMedia |
Today, 'Integrated Marketing' is defined as a multi-channel plan using the same message across all channels. What we know now is that one size does not fit all! The same message or conversation doesn’t work in all media channels. We know customers behave and consume media differently in each channel and therefore often impressions are wasted.

All brands have a story to sell
While I create television spots, banner ads, mobile apps and websites, I do not believe that individually they can convey a brand’s story or experience. Nor should we be attempting to try and shove years of innovation into 30 seconds. It’s plain silly. In this Post Digital economy, we have the tools, data and know-how to create smarter marketing and engaging brand stories.

Via Gary Hayes