Educational Virtual world brings Multi Platform Horrible Histories® to life - a browser world from Huzutech | FutureMedia |

Accessed through a web browser, the Horrible Histories® virtual world launched officially on September 1st 2011

Horrible Histories® World brings to life the hugely successful books and CBBC TV series. Visitors can explore some of the most gory periods in history, including ‘Ruthless Romans’, ‘Awful Egyptians’, ‘Terrible Tudors’, ‘Measly Middle Ages’, and ‘Perilous Pirates’. Players can dress as gladiators, tour ancient Egypt, play battleships with Blackbeard, enjoy quizzes and quests and make new friends. There’s even a medieval pig-flinging catapult.

All of which takes place in a safe and educational online environment. Users have to be over the age of 13 - though children under that age can join if supervised by a responsible adult.

The Horrible Histories brand has become a media phenomenon in recent times. After selling millions of books, the Horrible Histories® TV show debuted on the CBBC channel to critical acclaim, scooping several major awards including the BAFTAs and the prestigious ‘Best Sketch Show’ at the National Comedy Awards.

Via Gary Hayes