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Fascinating nuggets from the book summary of Collective Intelligence by Pierre Lévy (click through post here to locate & enlarge the chart):


The premise: Humankind must acknowledge the potential of cyberspace to enable beneficial new forms of complex collective thought, collective expression, and social organization.

Technology makes this feasible (p. 246). The author's ideas are reminiscent of:

Vannevar Bush‘s collective memoryMarshall McLuhan‘s notion of a forthcoming “global village”Douglas Engelbart‘s vision of the computer as a tool to augment human thought,J. C. R. Licklider‘s plans for symbiotic human—computer networks.


Lévy calls for a revolution in society’s understanding of itself – the expansion of subjectivity (cf. Lévy, 2000).



Multi-modal and dynamic (p. 120)Virtual worlds instruments of self-knowledge and self-definition Deterritorialized with self-organizationContinuous self-invention of human communitiesComputer-aided imagination The collective can choose to foster & encourage individuality    From another reviewer:
 Levy begins with the premise that the prosperity of any nation or other entity depends on their ability to navigate the knowledge space, and ... knowledge space will displace the spaces of the (natural) earth, (political) territory, or (economic) commodity. 
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