Sikkim, a state in the out-of-the-way northeast region of India, possesses an fascinating historical past. Select a Sikkim tour package for this district and find old monasteries and striking landscapes.

Sikkim throughout the United kingdom Raj

Sikkim was actually an Indian region just since the 1970s. Though it had been a colony of India (and before that, England) for quite a number of decades, prior to this point Sikkim was in fact an independent realm. Sikkim is surrounded by Nepal to the west, Bhutan on the east, and China to the north and east too.

Relations between both states became strained in the next few tens of years, until 1853 when the British Raj claimed portions of Sikkim. In 1890, the total country came under the decree of The British empire.

Following Indian self rule

By 1947, India obtained its independence from the United Kingdom. At this stage, everyone of Sikkim discarded the possibility to be with the Indian Union, nevertheless it maintained its unique standing as a protectorate.