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Top 6 Mobile Challenges & Why Your Business Needs to Adapt [infographic]

Top 6 Mobile Challenges & Why Your Business Needs to Adapt [infographic] | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

I selected this infographic and article posted by Mark Fidelman on Forbes because every business needs to pay attention to this or risk loosing productivity by their workforce and much more.

Here are some highlights:

Take a look at this survey from uSamp commissioned by Yaacov Cohen to more than 500 mobile business users nationwide, in which they uncovered some very important information.

Here are just a few things they discovered:

**Of the executives surveyed, more than half (56 percent) admitted to project delays or missed deadlines because of poor mobile collaboration, and 38 percent missed business opportunities altogether

**Similarly, 54 percent of executives finish projects on the road at least half the time, of which, nearly three quarters (72 percent) finalize documents up to an hour before a presentation.

Fourteen percent finish documents within five minutes of a presentation or even after the meeting adjourns.

Half of all respondents reported difficulties in getting input from colleagues in a timely manner with 41 percent working off potentially out-of-date documents.

The most striking aspect of the uSamp data are how much work people are attempting to do outside the office.

The most striking aspect of the response from business is how little they are doing about it.

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Mobile Marketing Strategy and Beyond"

Read and see infographic here: []

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Infographic: Android’s rise to the top

Infographic: Android’s rise to the top | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

This was posted by Dusan Belic and Cricket Communications prepared the following infographic to show us the rise of Android. As you're about to see, Google is about to rule the world.

Monday, October 24th, 2011 at 2:48 AM

Google’s Android platform is rapidly rising to the top.

Two years ago it was far, far away from Apple’s iOS and soon enough, it will be the most widely used mobile platform. So how did they do it? Lots of hard work, a bit of luck and the fact that competition (aside from Apple) was pretty passive…

However, the idea here is not to tell you the story – but to show you the facts via infographic (prepared by Cricket Wireless) that will most certainly explain things much better than I could. Here comes…

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