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Mobile Content Marketing: Seducing Moving Targets

Mobile Content Marketing: Seducing Moving Targets | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |
The strategic dilemma of how best to convey the luxury brand story and experience to a mobile audience has not been successfully solved. The mobile device, as a platform for brand communications, i...
janlgordon's insight:

This post was written by Scott Forshay for his blog 

in July of 2010 aimed at luxury brands. Not only is it relevant today but there are many takeaways for any brand that is trying to capture and cultivate consumers in the mobile ecosystem.

Here is one highlight that caught my attention:

Rule of Seduction One: Produce Content Episodically

**Resist the temptation to unveil the entire story in a single instance.

**By deconstructing the narrative into episodes, the engagement teases the audience and creates desire to continue following the unfolding of the story.



**Mobile, as a medium, is innately transitive in nature, serving as a persistent interface for consumers to navigate an ever-evolving digital ecosystem of retail touchpoints and become, themselves, players in the storytelling experience.

**Strategically dissecting the brand narrative to take on an episodic form allows the brand to engage audiences in the on-going drama, create desire to see where the story will lead, and create deeper emotional connections in the process.

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Scooped by janlgordon!

Marketers way off mark predicting consumer mobile marketing sentiment

When benchmarking marketers' perceptions against consumers' Acxiom found that, contrary to popular belief, consumers aren't too keen on mobile advertising but welcome email and direct mail.


This is another article that says that email is being very well received among mobile customers. Surprisingly, SMS campaigns aren't working as well yet.


Here's what caught my attention:


The research also suggested that almost three-quarters of customers (71%) are happy to receive mail from brands they are already customers of while 57% of prospects also favored the medium.


Email was also popular with 78% of existing customers willing to accept this form of contact. For prospective customers, the figure dropped to 52%, but it remained the second most appropriate way of targeting.


"The digital age is accelerating the opportunity for brands to truly engage with consumers across all channels. Equally, it is leading to constant shifts in the way people buy and interact with brands. The risk of marketers getting contact strategies wrong and wasting budget is increasing," said Murray Dudgeon, Acxiom Europe's head of client service.

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