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This article from Mediapost gives you a glimpse into the world of mobile and how it is becoming our conduit to information, communication, engagement and much more.

What implications does this have for advertisers and retailers - interesting insights and food for thought.........

Mobile today and in the future - here are some highlights:

Reading the news, connecting with friends, finding our way, playing games — these are tasks they’ve already commandeered. So why should they not control our homes, plan our vacations, shop(in-store, not just online) and fall in love?

“Ten or 15 years from now, literally everything is going to be controlled by your phone,” says Ly Tran, digital marketing director at Proof Advertising. “It’s where we’ll get all our information, communicate and connect. They’re the driver of the future.”

Mobile devices have already revolutionized shopping. Last year, four out of five U.S. smartphone owners used their devices to help with shopping, according to Google/Ipsos. 

Such statistics make it tempting to predict the death of brick-and-mortar retail. But rather than cede their business, retailers like Best Buy will be forced to embrace mobile as part of the in-store experience, says Mark Silber, executive creative director of WPP mobile agency Joule.

The way retail works now, “you go into Best Buy to check out a TV set and then order it on Amazon,” says Silber. “If Best Buy is interested in surviving, they’re going to have to do something to the in-store experience.”

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