Digital Disruption is Increasing - What You Need To Know | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

Welcome to a world of disruption, with twists of generational difference, tectonic ad spend changes, and lots of confused citizens.

Ken Doctor wrote this great piece — author of Newsonomics and longtime watcher of the business side of digital news

It was hard to decide what to excerpt, it was so good.......


Okay, it’s 11 p.m., and you are in bed.

What do you reach for? There’s no wrong answer here, but if you are in the news/information mode, you may reach for your Android smartphone or scoop up your iPad. So many choices, at this oddly news-consuming time of day. We know that evening is when tablet usage peaks, and, yes, such companies as Zite tell me that 11 is a top hour.

Digital disruption is now increasing. Audiences are even more up for grabs than they were a couple of years ago.

As Ipsos OTX President Bruce Friend recently put it: iPhones and Androids are, yes, our lovers. “It’s almost always turned on. It never leaves you. You have an intimate relationship with it.” Yet love is so short-term these days: “The tablet is rapidly becoming a companion or even a competitor to the smartphone. Tablets reduce smartphone as entertainment devices. The tablet will take the place of that.”

We’ve got so many emerging studies of our fast-changing habits that comparing them can leave you dazed and confused. What they all add up to, though, is a simple learning: Digital disruption is now increasing.

Let’s look at some of this emerging data, and begin to make sense of what it means and where revenue is likely to flow into the next several years, in the newsonomics of disruption.