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This article was originally written for, and appeared in, Fashion’s Collective (www.fashionscollective.com) by Scott Forshay from mobiluxe.com. It was curated by Janlgordon on scoopit covering her topic: The Explosion of the Mobile Web and Beyond.

This is an excellent article for everyone who is interested in marketing their business in moble.

Here's what caught my attention:

Immediacy Variable

The mobile medium is in the moment. Unlike other communications vehicles that are stationary and heavily presentation-oriented, the mobile medium is actionable, time sensitive, on the go, and always on.

**Given the limited time intervals of engagement opportunity, brands must ensure that communications are crisp and the call to action is clear, concise, and quick to participate in.

The mobile medium represents the most powerful mechanism for delivering contextually relevant consumer-brand communications yet experienced in marketing.

**To take advantage of its unique capabilities, however, successful marketing strategies must evolve beyond the employment of a unidirectional approach to communicating with customers.

**The digital natives of today’s hyper-connected world seek contextual relevance in their engagements with brands. Their experience is defined not only by the message itself, but the context in which the message was presented.

**Marketers who effectively solve the variables associated with the mobile medium will provide unique experiences for consumers, irrespective of the constraints of time or space, in ways differentiated, highly relevant, and intensely personal.

**Only then will they realize the power and influence of marketing in the moment.