Good information for B2B marketers. The mental block that B2B marketers have revolved around is the perception that mobile is purely a consumer play.




As technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, your marketing approaches must continue to evolve and adapt.  Mobile devices are becoming the primary communication tool for 50% of all execs who say they prefer making purchases on mobile web vs phone.


"We're in the early innings of a massive phenomenon," said Mary Meekerrecently in regard to the mobile revolution. Mary has been dubbed "Queen of the Net" by Barron's Magazine and is a well-known venture capitalist.That said, B2B companies have been slow to move into mobile, which is concerning since mobile is especially pervasive in this market segment.


On the contrary, 72% of the U.S. workforce is mobile according to IDC, and Forbes tells us that more than 70% of executives under age 40 classify mobile as their primary communications tool, with 50% of all execs preferring business purchases on mobile web vs. phone.


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