The Dreamer
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The Dreamer
youth literature
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my lesson plan for this novel

my lesson plan for this novel | The Dreamer |

1) Objectives & Goals:

v Comprehend author’s explorations of heart and imagination

v Understand the cultural background of this novel

v Understand the importance of determination and perseverance

v Motivate students to utilize their creativities in writing

v Review the skills of reading and writing poetry


2) Background and rationale:

I create this lesson plan in order to give a brief but inspiring introduction to the novel the dreamer written by Pam Munoz Ryan. This novel is a perfect choice to motivate students among 4-8 grades to explore as well as reflect upon their so-called odd thoughts in adults’ eyes. The author also inserted bits of poetry and it offers students chances to practice their skills taught in the poetry appreciation class about reading and understanding poems.


I assume that all my students have had chosen their own web 2.0 tools to motivate their learning about writing as well as reading. The purpose of this lesson is to encourage students to read the novel after class, so it’s very important to make sure that students all had their own approaches to keep track of their reading. apart from their own web 2.0 tools, I also create a reading log sheet to help students arrange and monitor their reading process.


3) Assessment evidences:

v Students will be able to answer ten questions correctly after they read the whole novel

v Students could express their own opinions about the significance of determination and perseverance in achieving the final goal

v Students could understand the beliefs of Netafali beneath the novel, in addition, students will be able to relate the cultural background to the novel’s plots

v Students will create their own feedbacks using different genres based upon this novel. They can choose to write their book reviews in the form of poetry


4) Learning plan:

v Lead-in

Video watching: aloudDivide students into small groups and each group contains a Spanish speakerAsk students to work within a group and tell other group members what they could think of after watching this video clipAsk students to keep their metacognition content for later useBackground introductionTeacher gives brief introduction of this book: main character, plot and authorTeacher read a excerpt of the novel to offer some hints about the whole bookHand out the story grammar sheets to students and ask them to predict the features of different figures in the novel


v Excerpts reading

Teacher offers students some lines of different figures in the novelStudents will read by themselves and check their original answers to their prior predictionsHand out copies of an important excerpt of the novel and ask students to reflect upon it and then write down their thoughts on notebooks


v Illustration appreciation

Teacher shows students some of the illustration pictures in the novelAsk students to discuss about these pictures and what they can think of based upon these picturesTeacher shows a picture of chucao bird Neftali mentioned many times in the novel and ask students to reflect upon the significance of this bird


v Poetry comprehension

Teacher lists several poetries the author has inserted in the novel and ask students to read them by themselvesComprehend one important poetry in the Forest chapter:

Which is sharper? The hatchet that cuts down dreams?

Or the scythe that clears a path for another?

Ask students to choose one of their favorite poetry in the novel and describe their choice with drawing or writingAsk students to share within the groups


v After-class assignments

Hand out the comprehension sheets to students with ten questions about the novelRead the whole novel using timeline designed for studentsPersonal exploration of the details in the novelTeacher offers several links which are about the details in the novel to students


Events of Neruda’s life with photographs of his early years


Compare Temuco today with the town where Neftali grew up


General information about native people of Chile


Learn more about the Mapuche people of Chile


Students choose one topic they mostly want to do and keep down their findings using their own web 2.0 tools


5) Text for class:

“The Dreamer” by Pam Muñoz Ryan, Peter Sis

Comprehension questions

Why does Father forbid Rodolfo to sing and Neftalí to daydream?

What is the effect on the entire family when Father is at home?

What is the significance of Neftalí losing his mittens and his father’s hat in the first chapter?

Why does Rodolfo say about Father that he passes out invitations (to dinner) like overripe plums?

What kind of man is José Reyes and why does he try to control his family so completely?

Compare Neftalí’s father with his uncle Orlando. How are these men alike and how are they different?

Why is Neftalí’s first trip to the forest so important to him?

How does the trip affect his relationship with his father and his understanding of his own nature?

Throughout the story, the author has inserted bits of poetry. Discuss the meaning of this question in the Forest chapter:

Which is sharper?

The hatchet that cuts down dreams?

Or the scythe that clears a path for another? Why is that phrase inserted in this chapter?

Who do you think is the mysterious child who leaves the toy sheep for Neftalí?

Why don’t they meet?

Why is the sheep so important to Neftalí when he doesn’t even know who gave it to him?

What does Neftalí learn about himself during the trip to the ocean and his summer there?

D iscuss the poetry inserted in the Lagoon chapter: “From what are the walls of/ a sanctuary built?/ And those of a prison?”

Identify the sanctuaries you have found in your own life.Why is the wounded swan so important to Neftalí and why is he reluctant to share it with his sister Laurita?

What does it mean to them when they do take care of the swan together?

Discuss the effect on the children of the swimming routine in the ocean. What feelings does N eftalí have toward his father at the end of the summer?

Timeline for students to read the novel


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Neftali-a miserable but strong boy

He was regarded as nothing by his cruel father, what he valued was shameful for others, but he never gave up imagination. The SHEEP, SWAN, OCEAN, FOREST, i can still remember vividly about his experiences. His fate was there. Writing became the true heaven for him to hide from the control from his father.

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Children’s Book Review-The Dreamer by Pam Muñoz Ryan and Peter Sís,Teresa Carbajal Ravet, MA

Children’s Book Review-The Dreamer by Pam Muñoz Ryan and Peter Sís,Teresa Carbajal Ravet, MA | The Dreamer |

This is a good book review

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The Dreamer

Narrator Tony Chiroldes won an Earphone Award from AudioFile Magazine for the audiobook THE DREAMER, Pam Muñoz Ryan's novel about a young Pablo Neruda. Peter...
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