Video shows petcoke dust cloud hitting Windsor’s riverfront #INM #DirtyOil #TarSands | THE DO NOTHING REPUB'S TEA PARTY |

Whoah!!! - #DirtyOil #TarSands #KochBros. #INM- 

"The industrial property where the petcoke has been stored in Detroit since last fall is owned by Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun. He leased the lands to Detroit Bulk Storage. The company was doing so on behalf of billionaire businessmen Charles and David Koch — regarded as the largest customer and supplier of petcoke in the U.S."


"Petroleum coke started to be produced in large amounts at the nearby Marathon Petroleum Corp. refinery in Detroit last fall after a massive $2-billion facility upgrade was completed — allowing it for the first time to process heavy crude oil brought in by pipeline from Alberta."

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