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Scooped by Arvind Rai!


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Arvind Rai's insight:

Some say "Be Muslim". Some say "Be Hindu". Some say "Be Christian". Vedas say "Be Human". 

Some say "Follow Prophet". Some say "Follow Avatar". Some say "Follow Jesus". Vedas say "Follow Conscience".

Some say "God is over 7th Sky". Some say "God is over 4th Sky". Vedas say "God is with me, within me".

Some say "God tests". Some say "God punishes". Some say "God forgives". Vedas say "God supports".

Love Vedas and Live Vedas! - Agniveer
Sanatan Dharma- which sends aloud the message of Love, Compassion, Tolerance, Peace, Co-Existence and Universal acceptance is the 'Best Way' of Life!

*Manurbhav - Be Human!
*Krinvanti Vishwamaryam- Make this world Noble!
* Ahum Brahmasmi- God is with in me!
* Eeswaramso sarvaloke Jeeva Bhuta Sanatanah- God dwells in every being!
* Ekam sat Viprah Bahuta vadanti- Truth is one!
* Sarva Dharma Sambhav- let all faiths co-exist!
* Vasudhaika Kutumbam- global Family!
* Perceive all beings as 'living Souls' and never resort to hurting them!

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Scooped by Arvind Rai!

WTF Central: Astrology and Homeopathy Benefits Stammering Children - HWC

WTF Central: Astrology and Homeopathy Benefits Stammering Children - HWC | The Destiny Maker |
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