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The Corliss Group World Travelers on surviving Hong Kong's wildest sporting event of the year

Hong Kong Sevens players, refs and hardcore fans share tips on how to get the most out of this wild three-day rugby party.
Stoya Kealoha's insight:

(CNN) --"It takes me three days to recover after the Sevens," says referee Robert Esser, who is called the plays at the famed Hong Kong rugby tournament for 12 years. "If you find out how to survive it, let me know."


The annual Hong Kong Sevens is the city’s largest sporting event, attracting thousands of costumed revelers from all over the world. But making the most of the party atmosphere requires strategy and planning. With the Sevens on March 28-30, experts and hardcore fans have shared tips on how ethyl be getting through the three-day mega party.


1. South Stand commitment mandatory


Ask not what the South Stand can do for you, but what you can do for the South Stand. The only large public area where Sevens revelers can drink alcohol, the legendary South Stand brings together Hong Kong Stadium's most passionate spectators--all dedicated to having an outrageously good time.


2. Serious rugby fans head for the East and West Stands


Don't be afraid to go to the East and West Stands, because that’s where everyone goes to watch the rugby, "says 28-year-old rugby player Rowan Varty, who has taken part in the Sevens since he was born as both a spectator and a player.


3. For costumes, (almost) anything goes


The pros advise against wearing heavy suits, big masks and hats that'll have you drenched in sweat and blocking other people’s views.


4. Walk to the stadium


Roads are blocked and taxis are scarce. Once you arrive anywhere near Causeway Bay, start walking. The nearest MTR subway station to the Hong Kong Stadium is Causeway Bay. Go to exit F, which takes you to a spot directly across from Forever 21.


5. Pace yourself


Winnie Poon, a fan who has been to the Hong Kong Sevens five times, has her own sage advice for fans--pace yourselves. Go overboard too early in the day and you run the risk of passing out next to a toilet many others have thrown up in, she says. Also worth bearing in mind--it's a three-day event so y'all need to get up early the next morning to avoid spending the entire day in lines.


6. Avoid the food stalls


Have a large breakfast before entering the stadium and hopefully you’ll last the day, says Lindsay Varty. Matches only go on for 15 minutes and you could miss an entire game while waiting for a hot dog.


7. Ladies, bring binoculars


For some, watching athletic young men run around on a field is as much a spectacle as the game itself, if not more.


8. South Standers, stay waterproof


Expect a high chance of beer, cider, water and bodily fluid showers at the South Stand. Bring an umbrella, waterproof clothes and leave your expensive camera behind. It may rain, literally, but that’s the least of your concerns.


9. You can still enjoy the Sevens outside the stadium


If you didn't score tickets, there’s always the Sevens Village at the Indian Recreation Club directly opposite Hong Kong Stadium.


10. Wan Chai offers the best after-party


After the games, the fun continues in Hong Kong's Lan Kwai Fong, Soho and Wan Chai neighborhoods. The real rugby fans and party crowd head to Wan Chai.


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The Corliss Group Luxury Travel Agency: Vältä luottokorttipetoksen

The Corliss Group Luxury Travel Agency: Vältä luottokorttipetoksen | The Corliss Group Luxury Travel Agency |


Avoid credit card fraud during travel


kesällä matkustaa kauden on pian täällä, ja Among Thieves ovat sitä kiinnostuneena yhtä paljon kuin tekin. Tiedä loma mennä pilalle tai varastettu luottokortti. Kun olet aiheuttamaan vastuussa petollinen perittävien maksujen korttiin, on vaivaton tekijä on huomattavan suuri, erityisesti silloin, kun heikentynyt kortti on ensisijainen debet- tai luottokortilla.


Hyvä uutinen on se, että kortin liikkeeseenlaskijat ovat järjestelmät luvattomasta käytöstä kiinni ennen kuin se tapahtuu, sanoo Marina Hoffmann Norville luottamukseni eu, American Express. "Olemme kehittyneet seuranta petosten havaitsemiseksi toimintana, joten näemme paljon tämä takaosasta", hän sanoo. "Voimme nähdä jauhemaiseen muotoon. yksityiskohdat, jotta voimme poimia kortteja epätavallista liiketoiminnasta."


Mutta sitä ei kannata luottaa kortti yritykset kerää väärennettyihin tapahtumiin. Lisäksi mukana on muutama yksinkertainen toimet, jotka voit suorittaa itse ennen käyttöönottoa, sen aikana ja sen jälkeen teidän The Getaway joilla voit suojata tietosi.


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Corliss Group Travel: 45 Countries Issue Travel Warnings

Corliss Group Travel: 45 Countries Issue Travel Warnings | The Corliss Group Luxury Travel Agency |

Travellers being urged to avoid rally sites, stock up on cash, food and water.

Many countries have advised their nationals to stay away from demonstration sites on Monday and ensure that they have enough cash on them, a fully-charged communication device as well as enough food and water to last a while. They have also been advised not to wear red or yellow.

"Participating or showing support in any form to any of the parties is strongly discouraged," the Philippines Embassy in Bangkok said on its website.

"For information, the red and yellow colours are closely identified with some of the parties involved," it said referring to the colours associated with political conflict over recent years.

People who support the Yingluck Shinawatra government have been wearing red, while anti-government groups, who used to wear yellow, have now chosen to wear the national flag along with a whistle.

Meanwhile, the United States Embassy has warned its citizens to be careful, because although mass rallies have been generally peaceful over the past few months, there have still been some deaths and injuries.

Risk of violence

"Even demonstrations that are meant to be peaceful can turn confrontational, and escalate into violence without warning," the US Embassy warned.

The People's Democratic Reform Committee plans to set up rally sites at several major intersections in Bangkok and significant areas, namely Asok, Pathum Wan, Lumpini, Victory Monument, Ratchaprasong, Lat Phrao and the Government Complex at Chaeng Wattana.

Protests might erupt in other areas with little prior notice and subsequent events are unpredictable as protest leaders have declared that they plan to continue rallying after Monday, the embassy said.

"We advise you to plan ahead. It is prudent to ensure you have a week's supply of cash, keep your mobile communications devices charged and stock a two-week supply of essential items such as food, water and medicine," the US Embassy said.

The Foreign Ministry said yesterday that as many as 45 countries had issued warnings for their citizens to stay away from large crowds, rally sites and avoid travelling during the shutdown.

Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates have even advised their citizens to cancel travel plans for the time being, ministry spokesman Sek Wannamethee said, adding that this may affect the medical industry as people from the Middle East often come to Thailand for treatment.

This comes after Thailand recently began offering citizens from these two countries visa-free entry for 90 days, he said.

Citizens from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia and Oman, for whom Thailand is a favourite destination, have also been advised to stay away.

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