Minecraft In Education: How Video Games Are Teaching Kids | The Business of Video Games | Scoop.it

"Some enterprising teachers are using Minecraft to teach subjects like physics, geography, and English language, and with promising results. Yet if we're to believe much of the mainstream press, then video games are little more than a plague upon our youth, a disease that turns delightful, law-abiding young citizens into diabetes-ridden,sociopathic adolescents without a firm grip on reality. There's far less focus on the positive aspects of games--and there are many--just like the increased hand-eye coordination and social problem solving that my esteemed colleague Cameron Robinson discovered. Here at Minecon, some attendees have taken the next step by using Minecraft to aid them in teaching children. It's a bold move, and one that's encountered some resistance, but they've seen some very positive results: increased attention levels, better collaboration with other students, and of course, better grades." | via GameSpot

Via Todd Reimer