I'm more worried about your health she needs to realize that her life is going to change and it'sgonna start with the kitchen for her and Shannon yeah Gallego feel me know you know that your alright my style we're leaving it to the listprime to have somebody walk into their lifeand tell them that bad lifestyles actually hurting you more than it'shelping you it's threatening to Rachel's mom and that's the last thing I want peoplewant the same thing we all-white Rachel's family to be happyand healthy and have this incredible future together nothing really do stock it out makes you got all the rightthings in the house phase one is done in his time for forRachel to to take this momentum and carried on into Phase two after the next month I do humble hey your six-month call it's going to be Liz it impacts  per pound may seem so easy compared to the eighty poundsbut we're getting down to the nitty-gritty this is the next phase for your aids to go and call it a milestone its it's aphysical milestones: