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The Basic Life
Look fantastic and feel even better by staying hydrated this winter. Quench your body. H2O Alkalizer is offering a payment plan that makes having a water ionizer in your home affordable.
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What do we know about magnesium?

What do we know about magnesium? | The Basic Life |

The body can not produce magnesium and must be taken daily with food. Research, however, suggests that the supply of magnesium is often not sufficient. In the body of an adult man, the average weight of about 70 kg, is about 20 grams of magnesium, of which about 65% is stored in the bones and...

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Magnesium is an alkaline mineral your body needs:

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency




impaired memory

muscle tremors



vomiting etc.. 

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7 Ways to Protect Your Memory

7 Ways to Protect Your Memory | The Basic Life |
Ward off brain fog and protect your memory long-term with this surprisingly simple plan. (RT @MSNHealth: RT @MSNHealth: Always forget where you parked the car?
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