The Australian Curriculum: Technologies and basic human needs for active, informed and healthy citizens in the special education classroom
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Scooped by Shannon McClure!

Sample - EatWellSA

Sample - EatWellSA | The Australian Curriculum: Technologies and basic human needs for active, informed and healthy citizens in the special education classroom |
Shannon McClure's insight:

The Right Bite Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy was developed by the Government of South Australia in order to enable our schools to improve the health and wellbeing of their students. It was designed to help schools to assist students to make healthy decisions towards food and drink choices.


This resource links directly to the chosen content descriptor from the Australian Curriculum: Technologies as it provides a framework for schools to promote learning, health and wellbeing in relation to food and nutrition. It is based on the dietary guidelines for children and adolescents in Australia and the Australian guide to healthy eating (AGHE).


As part of the strategy, foods are categorised into three colour groups; namely green, amber and red. In the green category are foods that are the healthiest choices and students are encouraged to eat as many choices as possible from this category. In the amber category are foods and drinks that are more processed and students are informed to choose more wisely from this selection of foods and drinks. Whilst in the red category, are all the highly processed and nutrient poor foods. As part of the strategy these foods are banned from sale in Government school canteens and vending machines at all times.


The strategy offers schools resource packs that include cookbooks with healthy recipes for students to cook, learning programs that are associated with food and nutrition, and links to community and in-school programs. There is an abundance of resources that can be easily adapted to any special needs classroom. Resources also provide tasks that cater to a multitude of different learning styles. The source presents itself as a great starting point for a teacher to ascertain a lot of the facts about healthy habits before forming their own opinion. It provides curriculum resources directly linked to the Australian curriculum.

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Scooped by Shannon McClure!

The Parents' Jury

The Parents' Jury | The Australian Curriculum: Technologies and basic human needs for active, informed and healthy citizens in the special education classroom |
Shannon McClure's insight:

The Parents' Jury provides an online network for parents, grandparents and guardians to voice their views and to collectively advocate for positive change around Australian childrens food and physical environments. The forum is primarily interested in healthy schools, food marketing to children, healthy eating for kids, and physical activity.


The website is an invaluable tool for providing the latest news and research reports on childrens health and physical activity. The site also has provided a blog which provides useful ideas and links to the topic. Parents' Jury can be accessed by Facebook, webpage, Twitter and Blog allowing multiple means of access. The forum is supported by reputable companines including Cancer Council Australia and Diabetes Australia.

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Rescooped by Shannon McClure from Technologies in Special Education Classrooms Promoting Healthy Future Citizens through Exploring Basic Needs and Healthy Diet!

Fruits Song for Children - YouTube

Learn different types of fruits and their names, song this FUN Fruits Song with Uncle Sam, Len and Mini and don't forget to subscribe to Teehee Town for kids...

Via Ashleigh Anderson
Shannon McClure's insight:

This is a great little resource that I have rescooped from a fellow educator. Fruits song for children, published by TeeHee Town (2013), is an ICT based resource for teaching students about fruits.


The short YouTube clip incorporates simple and repetitive lyrics, along with vibrant colours and engaging instrumental background music. The video pays particular attention to providing children with the names of different fruits as well as the corresponding images to those fruits.


It is my understanding that this would be a highly efficient resource in the special needs classroom because of its repetitive nature. Students with special needs require repetition when learning new concepts. This clip could easily be utilised to recall and reinforce new learning, and would also be a great way to introduce a lesson by engaging students in the learning and introducing the students to the topic of learning. It would also serve well to engage multiple types of learners including visual and auditory learners.

Ashleigh Anderson's curator insight, March 6, 2014 9:35 PM

Very similar to my post about vegetables, this is another great ICT resource for teaching Special Ed students about fruits. This video published by TeeHee Town (2013), gives students visual images of each vegetable as well as their written name. The melodic song is catchy, and students will be able to use this to recall both their new and existing knowledge.


From prior experience I have learnt that in a specialist setting, it often takes more than one lesson to develop and teach a new concept. I found that using videos, such as this, give the students something familiar to relate too as well as reinforcing that they do know certain content and they can do it.


Does anyone else like this resource?


It correlates with the Australian Curriculum: Technologies content descriptor of ACTDEK003.

Shannon McClure's comment, March 12, 2014 11:37 PM
What a great resource. This could definitely come in handy at a special education site :)
Ashleigh Anderson's comment, June 12, 2014 4:49 AM
Thank your for taking the time to read this Scoop Shannon. Good luck with the rest of the semester :)
Scooped by Shannon McClure!


Introduction | The Australian Curriculum: Technologies and basic human needs for active, informed and healthy citizens in the special education classroom |

Hello cyber world,


Now that I have your attention, I thought that I might introduce myself.


My name is Shannon. I am currently in my final year at the University of Southern Queensland studying my Bachelor of Special Education. I study online as I live in South Australia. I am a mother to 3 beautiful children (aged 6, 3 and 2), and I study full-time and work part-time at a special school as an SSO.


This site has been constructed as part of my course EDP4130 Curriculum and Technologies. I will be exploring possible ways to implement the Australian Curriculum: Technologies into the special education classroom, focusing on the content descriptor ACTDEK0003 for F-2.


ACTDEK0003 - Explore how plants and animals are grown for food, clothing, and shelter and how food is selected and prepared for healthy eating.


(This can be viewed further at


This content descriptor elaborates on such topics as basic needs of plants and animals, categorising food into food groups, and tools and equipment needed to prepare food safely and hygienically for healthy eating.



I hope that you enjoy my curation. Please feel free to get in contact with me should you have any questions.



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