The Art of the Startup
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The Art of the Startup
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Curated by Paul Reichman
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Rescooped by Paul Reichman from visualizing social media!

Infographic: How To Get Your Content Shared

Infographic: How To Get Your Content Shared | The Art of the Startup |

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how sites like Mashable get some much social traction, this might just help give you a little insight into it, and to be honest, it’s not an art, it’s a science, knowing post by post exactly what gets the most sharability per post…

From this Infographic, you’ll see that your optimal time to post new content, is when both the US and Europe are awake, that human interest/watercooler type content is by far the most popular content to share, with Images and Video being key, but it’s value depends on the social network.

Via Lauren Moss
Paul Reichman's insight:

fascinating insights into driving virality

Jeff Domansky's curator insight, October 3, 2013 4:47 PM

This infographic is a useful exploration of content and timing for best results in your social media programs. Tthehanks to Lauren Moss for sharing.

Phil Lauterjung's curator insight, October 4, 2013 2:35 PM

add your insight...

Nick Peperell's curator insight, October 5, 2015 12:35 PM

Should we be publishing content when Europe and the US are both awake.? The science and common sense seems to think so.!

Scooped by Paul Reichman!

The Best Entrepreneurs Are Older, Have Less Ego

The Best Entrepreneurs Are Older, Have Less Ego | The Art of the Startup |
What attributes does a founder need to make his or her startup thrive?
There are plenty of myths floating around Silicon Valley, augmented by the legends of hot-headed young Tu...
Paul Reichman's insight:

The results of Founder Institute multi-year reasearch study tracking more than 15,000 applicants are in: The best entrepreneurs are ones who work in their field first, gaining valuable real-world knowledge and experience for a decade or more. Every year of life improves an entrepreneur's chances up until 40, but they don't diminish thereafter. Take heart, grey-haired founders!

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