The American Dream is "the idea that suggests that anyone in the U.S can succeed through hard work and has the potential to have a happy and successful life." It is also said to include "freedom, fulfillment, and meaningful relationships." The idea of the American Dream is older than the U.S, dating back to the 1600's. Many of the American Dreams were about owning land and building a prosperous business.Many people didn't dream about being wealthy though. "The dream for Americans is often portrayed as being perfectly average. For example, some people might say that it is being married, having two children and living in a three-bedroom home with a white picket fence." During the Great Depression authors were said to write about the "idealistic American Dream." They were also said to be "codifying the concept and entrenching it in American society." The American Dream to me means that you have to work hard. To get the "successful and happy life" they talk about you have to work for it. It won't come easy. I feel like some people don't want to work hard so they don't achieve the American Dream they had hoped for. Many people want the American Dream that others have. Sometimes people try to be more like someone else because they get jealous and greedy. In the end all people need to do is work hard and their "American Dream" will happen.