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This is a reaction condition that is occurs from the use of infection, drug or substances that might be foreign in the body. This reaction that occurs is very dangerous and it leads to damages of the blood vessels of the skin and also can lead to inflammation. The main cause of this condition is the allergic reactions that occur from a drug or any foreign substance. It is a condition that mostly affects people who happen to be under the age of fifteen years. The condition can have effects on the blood vessels around the body. Some of the main symptoms of this condition are; open sores with dead tissue on the body, spots which are purple colored and having skin patches, sores on the leg skin or buttocks, hives which may last for more than a day and skin having blisters. When it come to the testing of the allergic vasculitis, the doctor first diagnosis the symptoms and mainly checks on the skin look once you are subjected to antigens. This condition once treated goes away with time though it might come back for some of the people. Once taking any medicine for the purpose of treating this condition, there should be consultancy so as to make sure that there are no side effects. Some of the complications that might be brought about by this condition are the damage to the blood of vessels and the skin; it might also lead to inflammation of the blood vessel which greatly affects the internal organs the body. In an individual detects the symptoms of this condition, they should consult medical professionals for actions to be taken. It can be prevented by avoiding medicine that leads to the allergy. From  or The Allergy Aid, there are explanations and more details on how this condition can be best treated and also the precautions that one can take to avoid this condition. Even more useful information can be found here at the sites below