Thanks Attitude
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Thanks Attitude
Thaatt è un percorso che porta a trovare armonia  nelle relazioni /// Thaatt is a path to find harmony in relationships
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What Does It Mean to Be Happy?

What Does It Mean to Be Happy? | Thanks Attitude |
The word “happy” has many meanings. Why does that matter? By Art Markman, Ph.D....

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Margarita Tarragona's curator insight, May 12, 2013 1:28 PM

La definición de"felicidad" varía en diferentes culturas, sobretodo en si se le atribuye o no a la suerte.


Maria Teresa Frezet terapeuta olistica's comment, May 27, 2013 2:13 PM
Maria Teresa Frezet's comment, Today, 8:10 PM
As mentioned in the last sentence of the article: "changing your environment can also change your outlook on life" it is very important to understand why we are creating unhappy conditions around us. Therefore, another suggestion to change the environment is to accept first of all that we are very powerful creators and we create our own reality. If we fully accept this, than we can also accept that we have the key to change the simply "using" others as a mirror. Every time we experience unhappiness in some situations, we could start asking ourselves "what is this situation/person showing me? Which part of myself can I see through him/her?" Thanks Attitude philosophy can give you some good advices on how to do it....
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What is exactly Thanks Attitude?


“What is exactly Thanks Attitude?”

We were often asked so in the last months and we actually realized it is not so obvious to explain.

“Thanks Attitude” is literally the attitude to say thank you, in other words the drift to say thanks to the world and to people around us…but why doing this?

Gratitude is something every culture considers as a good habit, no matter what the religion is and everybody basically thinks it is “correct” to thank…but once more…why?

The “answer” or at least what Mar and myself think about this is that it is important to thank because in fact we say thanks to ourselves. People we meet, situations we experience, the world aroud us, are simply a projection of our feelings and emotions and only once we totally accept this we can then fully accept ourselves.

Starting from our personal experience, we have realized there are basically “4 levels” of gratitude and we have called them as follows:

1° Level – Roots2° Level – Sharing3° Level – Self-esteem4° Level – Heart

Every level has a different kind of “gratitude” and when all four levels are in balance we can actually live in peace and harmony (for instance, someone might have a high self-esteem and feel comfortable with him/herself but not with his/her parents or partner. In this case it is quite unlikely he/she can really live in harmony).

The “path of the 4 levels” can obviously follow a different direction from what we suggest but it might be more difficult to harmonise the different steps: for instance, somebody might concentrate in particular on the Heart level, considering other levels less important. By doing so, sooner or later, he/she will experience that it is not possible to “fly light” all the time and, after a while, it is very nice to have a solid basis to land on and recover energy (see also Importance of Thaatt path).

We can imagine the different levels as beeing parts of a tree:

the first level are the roots (easy this one right?!?)the second level is trunk and branchesthe third level are leaves and flowersthe fourth level (Heart level) is life spreading around the tree: birds recovering on the branches and building their nest, the scent of resin and flowers, the shining light on the leaves, the wind blowing. Without the tree, all the rest would make no sense…light couldn’t shine on anything, birds couldn’t rest and would fly away, wind blowing without an obstacle would be invisible, and so on.Rob & Mar
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The Gratitude Song - Photography by Tim Middleton

Singer/songwriter Michael Farr performs an inspiring song joined with beautiful images to get you feeling thankful! Please feel free to express your gratitud...
Maria Teresa Frezet terapeuta olistica's comment, May 1, 2013 11:45 AM
Very nice and "fresh" song!!! I love it!
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Why should we say "thank you" when somebody gets on our nerves???

Why should we say "thank you" when somebody gets on our nerves??? | Thanks Attitude |

It might seem illogical to be grateful towards somebody who is driving us crazy.... no one would do it!!!


But have you ever considered that if somebody has "the power" to drive us crazy, it is because this anger is inside us!


And what we see and experience through the other person, is simply a reflection of what we have inside!


The other person is a MIRROR and if we accept this, sooner or later, we will express GRATITUDE because thanks to this person, we have been able to see our deepest emotions...


That's the magic of life!!!




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