Very interesting place in Thailand. You can find the good package via Thailand Super Quality website.
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Very interesting place in Thailand. You can find the good package via Thailand Super Quality website.
Thailand is my favourite holiday destination – tasty food, nice people and lots of beautiful tropical beaches. The first time I went to Thailand was almost 20 years ago. I went to Phuket with my friends and we had a great time hitting many beaches around the island. I have gone to Thailand once every few years for the past 15 years and have been to many popular places around the country. Honestly, I don’t really like big cities like Bangkok but I love the southern islands. My most memorable trip was when I went to Samui with my wife for our belated honeymoon which ended with a spectacular firework display arranged by the resort. Since that amazing trip, we didn't get a chance to head back for many years because our children were young then. Now that that they are older we needed to go on the perfect family trip. I had to look for something quite different this time as we would be travelling as a family of five instead of just me and my wife. At the same time, I preferred a more private place so we could all really relax and enjoy our family time. It took me a while before I found a nice package from The package included everything I wanted for my family and the price was good so I bought it right away. The resort was on a private resort island called Koh Kood. We flew from Bangkok to the island via the resort’s private jet before switching to a speed boat after we’ve landed on the island’s airstrip. On the boat, the staff encouraged me to leave my shoes in the bag which made me frown at first. Soneva Kiri is a very exclusive resort as far as I know. But later I found walking around with bare feet was not at all bad considering the natural surroundings of the resort. I got a two-bedroom villa that sat right on the beach. The package included a complimentary oil message session which my wife and I loved. We could leave my children at the kids’ playroom with the babysitter and they stayed there all day long playing with other kids while my wife and I had time to relax quietly. My wife also joined the Thai cooking class with the resort’s head chef and I enjoyed everything that came out of the kitchen, especially the free dinner banquet that came with the package I bought. The only thing I didn’t like was that it took so long to get to Koh Kood. Though the resort offered a private jet that flew straight to the island, we still had to go through check-in after check-in and change from one vehicle to another. Imagine how that would be when you’re travelling with 3 young children. Nevertheless, the whole trip was fantastic. On the way back, we stopped by the TAT booth to collect our free gift that we got from registering on the website. The gift was a couple of cute little elephant dolls. We gave one to our little girl and she hardly ever let go of it all through the flight back to Spain. My family and I had a really good time and we are looking forward to going back to Thailand again in the next couple of years. I think I’ll also send a family picture to the Instragram photo competition just for fun. Next time, my children should be old enough to try something a bit more adventurous. I heard about a few interesting places during my previous trip and I hope that by then I can find some more packages on this site. Keep up your good work!
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