Thailand Plastic Surgery Trips - The steps to a successful procedures
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Thailand Plastic Surgery Trips - The steps to a successful procedure

Thailand Plastic Surgery Trips -  The steps to a successful procedure | Thailand Plastic Surgery Trips -  The steps to a successful procedures |
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“My friend’s sister used this doctor in Thailand and he was good”
This certainly is not the most scientific way to investigate which hospital and doctor will be charged with the medical care of your life.
“Oh I looked at the hospital on the internet and it looked nice and clean”
 mmm !


A nice clean hospital does not equate to a good surgeon.

Many Asian Hospitals are working in a very competitive market trying to obtain international patients. The internet shows pictures of floors and columns of marble and images of professional attractive nurses that certainly look impressive. But do not be swayed by the glitter. It is the surgeon that counts.


Remember there is only one major consideration when travelling overseas for procedures (dental and medical) and that is ………… Am I getting a great surgeon?

Of course there are hospital web sites with testimonials about their own surgeons.
Ask yourself ……Which hospital will put up bad testimonials?

“I saw some girls mentioned this doctor on a forum”
Should you trust anonymous forum bloggers? One trip experts.
Unfortunately because of the cheap cost of labour in Asia it is not uncommon for companies to employ IT consultants that anonymously  write on forums giving glowing opinions of their employer and promoting  their hospital or clinic or making up stories about  good work done by doctor ‘x’ or at hospital ‘y’. Such consultants spend many hours ensuring that when you search the web that their site or doctors name comes up first when you search for the ‘best surgeon in Thailand’, etc.

You simply must obtain an opinion from someone that you feel comfortable to trust.

Use an experienced Medical Tourism Company that arranges hundreds of surgeries every year. Such companies should have investigated provider’s credentials, surgeons, costs and services and will have spoken to hundreds of patients after surgery – not just     ………“My friend’s sister”

Many patients find they are more comfortable dealing with someone from their country as  someone from home will understand your expectations and be use to the same medical standards that you expect.

If you prefer using a Tourism Company, run by staff from your own country, then check out they really are from home. Many web sites put up country flags but are not from your country. Scan the site for their address   and ensure you actually speak to the Company. Talking to them will ensure you find out a lot more rather than just communicating via email. You will find out where they are located and if they are from ‘home’ and most importantly you can gauge if it is a company you feel you can rely on.

Find out about the medical procedures they have had in Thailand?   You will be surprised how many arm chair experts are recommending procedures and have never had surgery or dental work done in Thailand.


Check out if the Medical Tourism staff live in Thailand. The leading Medical Tourism companies have staff located in Thailand that regularly meet with surgeons, hospital management, and visit hotels. They will have good working relationships in place and know who to contact for any changes or concerns. Local knowledge is very, very important.


There is a story of a lady that organized her own medical trip. As part of her trip she initially travelled to Laos and was finishing her trip with the medical procedures in Bangkok. She had planned for nearly two years and two weeks before arriving into Bangkok she was in a huge panic. Her doctor cancelled. She was in far regional Laos – poor communication and no pc and she did not know what surgeon to use.
She contacted a Bangkok based Medical Tourism Company that found a new excellent surgeon and saved the day!! Using a Medical Tour company means you have your back up in place.


A Medical Tourism companies can organize it all for you -
a dental clinic, a hospital, safe and good hotels, medical tests, bookings with surgeons and hospitals, local information and help and much, much, more.


If you're interested Cosmetic Surgery or Dental Surgery in Thailand and in world class facilities, with expert surgeons and at a fraction of the cost at home then please visit


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How to Choose A Surgeon in Thailand

How to Choose A Surgeon in Thailand | Thailand Plastic Surgery Trips -  The steps to a successful procedures |
Local knowledge is absolutely critical We have heard stories of medical Tour operators that have not even been to Thailand How could such operators really provide you with accurate information
Do not...
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