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Here´s a site that can help you improve your written and spoken English with lessons, articles and interactive tests and exercises: The English Speaking section is packed with tips and advice to improve your speaking so that you become more fluent and confident with your spoken English. While the Speaking section helps you find the correct words to use, the Pronunciation section gives tips actually saying the words, so that native English speakers will understand you easier. The comprehensive English Grammar section covers everything you need. In the Vocabulary and Idioms section you'll find help with many different subjects, from using a dictionary, how to describe people and behaviour as well as lots of tips to help improve your vocabulary. There´s also a Reading page - it's regularly updated to help you practise your reading skills and if you need help with business, the world of work and other real-life situations, make sure you visit the Business English section too. Finally, there´s a selection of games and quizzes to help improve your English.

Via Michelle Meyer