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According to Mozenter, texting gives people a chance to be more passive aggressive than they might be in person, and the interpersonal communication is lost. “It takes out the moral and ethical guidelines and boundaries that ...


How is it that the most sophisticated mammal to walk the earth has so much trouble with communication in relationships?  I recently had a customer exclaim, " I don't have a smartphone and don't want one!" He was very eager and adamant about living without technology and social media. 


My first reaction was, "To each his own but don't touch my iPhone! Siri and Apple products have made my life easier to manage the various elements of my life.  In fact, I don't know a day that I'm not reminded of how many resources I have at my fingertips and their impact on my life."


I readily admit that all this technology can be intrusive and affect communication in relationships, if we don't set boundaries. This article by Mozenter reveals a negative side of using technology.  Actually, I think it borders on craziness.  


I have been married 24 years and not imagine being in the same house with my spouse and arguing by sending text messages back and forth.

Sending a text gives you time to select the words without having to look at the persona.

Because I can not see the person--I know my words must sting or inflame.

It allows me to be less than human-unsympathetic-hard-callous with words