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Prevent Child Abuse America Letter to the Editor in The New York Times. The New York Times recently published the Letter to the Editor Prevent Child Abuse America submitted - here - in response to their article "School ..

1. The basic subject of the article is Preventing Child Abuse

2. They have to prevent it from happening again

    People need to be warned of what is too far and the consquences

3. The writer's opinion is that they need to better educate the population on ways to prevent child abuse and the consequences of the action of it is not stopped.

4. yes, the author states that " they must prevent putting people in one-on-one situations" so it doesnt happen again.

6. The columnist is very much against shild abuse and is very for prevention of the matter.

7. this article was written for the person who is against child abuse and wants to learn more about how to prevent it.

8. Yes, the author includes consequences and ways to prevent it and how the world will be if we help reduce child abuse.

       Child abuse is a serious problem in the United States and this article proves that and helps us realize the It is a very serious crime and is not worth the consquences. The article is written to inform people to get involved and help with this problem and to help solve it. It is important to protect the innocent children going through this, and to never let them have to do it again.