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"Word games never go out of vogue. From the simplicity of Angry Birds to the mind-boggling complexity of Skyrim, we still like to put up our vocabulary against the challenge of a word game. When I wrote about 5 Ways To Play a Scrabble Game Online, I thought that was it. After all, how many varieties of Scrabble can be there? Apparently not many, because Scrabble is a trademark and Hasbro and Mattel rightly are overzealous about protecting it.


Scrabble is also dangerously close to becoming a generic name for word games with similar gameplay. Even as the dust of copyright infringement and lawsuits settle, there are quite a few varieties of Scrabble-like games on the web. Let’s look at a few multiplayer online Scrabble games which I managed to dig up..."


Bron: www.makeuseof.com/tag/8-multiplayer-online-scrabble-games-word-fanatics-si


Maar werken deze spellen het ook in het Nederlands? De websites zijn nl. allemaal in het Engels. Wie heeft wel eens zo'n online scrabble-spel gespeeld, of weet er nog meer..?