Court Finds That Google Is Not A Monopoly. Agree? | Tesco |

In June, we asked readers if they think Google is a monopoly or if people just prefer it. We got quite a range of answers. The argument hasn’t gone away. In fact, if anything, it’s ramped up more than ever. The company is facing scrutiny at one level or another all over the world, but things keep happening to add to the discussion, including court rulings, acquisitions, and even shifts in market share.

We’ll ask again: Do you think Google is a monopoly? Let us know in the comments.

A court in Brazil has rejected claims by shopping comparison site Buscapé that Google is a monopoly, and essentially does not conduct its business in a way that is fair to competitors.

As described in a legal document, the complaint is that Google “manipulates its search service, that controls 95% of the market,” for the purpose of:

1. Allowing only Google Shopping to display images of the searched merchandise, which is not permitted to Buscapé and Bondfaro;

2. Embezzling and usurping the database of reviews – clients’ evaluations of the purchases gathered along more than 10 years by Buscapé, Bondfaro and E-Bit sites;

3. Artificially including Google Shopping in the first ranks of the search results, whenever a consumer conducts a query for the purchase of products in Google Search, thus harming the other competitor sites owned by Plaintiff...


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