the First Algae-Powered Building in the world Grows in Germany | #territori |

Splitterwerk Architects have designed a building that, when completed, will be powered by algae bioreactors that capture and release energy.

Splitterwerk Architects have designed just such a structure, dubbed BIQ, which will be the very first of its kind. Covered with a bio-adaptive façade of microalgae, the distinctive building has been designed for the International Building Exhibition in Hamburg, and is slated for completion next year.

The building is covered in bio-reactive louvers that enclose and allow the algae to survive and grow faster than they would otherwise, while also providing shade for the building's interior. Additionally, the bio-reactors trap the heat energy created by the algae, which can then be harvested and used to power the building. Once completed, it will be a resource for scientists and engineers  for future research.

The project is a collaboration between Spitterwerk Architects, Strategic Science Consult of Germany, ARUP and Colt International, who are responsible for the louver design...

Via Lauren Moss